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    • METRO Region

      Defines the boundary of the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Texas "Service Area"
    • METRO Bus Stops

      Bus stops as of Service Change on August 24, 2014 (see resource link as date may be more recent). Changes since Previous Service Change:Routes using N. Main St through the...
    • METRO Bus Routes

      One route equals one feature. "Hooked" routes are stored as 2 separate features: ie 52 Hirsch, 52 Scott. Routes are coincident with METmap - METRO's version of the Houston...
    • METRO Park and Ride

      Existing Park & Ride Locations. Locations are specific.
    • METRO Rail Stations

      COHGIS.VENDOR.METRO_RAIL_STATIONS Tags METRORail, Light Rail, Stations, Track Centerline Summary To depict rail station locations along the METRORail alignment
    • METRO Rail Lines

      METRORail Lines was created using METMap. METRO's street centerline map is a version of Star*Map as created and maintained by the Geographic Data Committee of the...
    • METRO Transit Centers

      METRO Transit Centers that are in operation.