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    • Washington Avenue Parking Benefit District

      The Washington Avenue Corridor Parking Benefit District (PBD) is a defined geographic area in which a portion of the meter revenue is returned to the district to finance...
    • Transit Corridor Parcels and Streets

      The Transit Corridor Street dataset provides approved and proposed transit corridor street information for the City of Houston. It was created 10/03/2008 by combining Greater...
    • List of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

      List of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. Known Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in and around the City of Houston, as maintained by the Mayor's Office of Sustainability...
    • Major Thoroughfare Plan

      2012 Major Thoroughfare Plan from the Planning & Development (Transportation Group)
    • METRO Bus Stops

      Bus stops as of Service Change on August 24, 2014 (see resource link as date may be more recent). Changes since Previous Service Change:Routes using N. Main St through the...
    • METRO Bus Routes

      One route equals one feature. "Hooked" routes are stored as 2 separate features: ie 52 Hirsch, 52 Scott. Routes are coincident with METmap - METRO's version of the Houston...
    • METRO Park and Ride

      Existing Park & Ride Locations. Locations are specific.
    • METRO Rail Stations

      COHGIS.VENDOR.METRO_RAIL_STATIONS Tags METRORail, Light Rail, Stations, Track Centerline Summary To depict rail station locations along the METRORail alignment
    • METRO Rail Lines

      METRORail Lines was created using METMap. METRO's street centerline map is a version of Star*Map as created and maintained by the Geographic Data Committee of the...
    • METRO Transit Centers

      METRO Transit Centers that are in operation.