• TCEQ Assessment Units (2010)

    This layer depicts the official TCEQ Segments at the Assessment Unit (AU) level for the State of Texas as listed in Title 30, Chapter 307 of the Texas Administrative Code (TAC), also known as the Surface Water Quality Standards. These are streams and waterbodies that have been individually defined by the TCEQ and assigned unique identification numbers. Intended to have relatively homogeneous chemical, physical, and hydrological characteristics, a segment provides a basic unit for assigning site-specific standards and for applying water quality management programs of the agency.

    Both "classified" and "unclassified" segments have been included in this layer. Classified segments, also referred to as designated segments, refer to water bodies that are protected by site- specific criteria. The classified segments are listed and described in Appendix A and C of Chapter 307.10. The site-specific uses and criteria are described in Appendix A. Classified waters include most rivers and their major tributaries, major reservoirs, and estuaries. Unclassified waters are those smaller water bodies that do not have site-specific water quality standards assigned to them, but instead are protected by general standards that apply to all surface waters in the state. This layer also indentifies which assessment units have been assessed in the DRAFT 2010 Texas Integrated Report for Clean Water Act Sections 305 (b) and 303 (d). An impaired assessment unit is a water body included in Category 5. Water bodies in Category 5 do not meet applicable water quality standards or are threatened for one or more designated uses by one or more pollutants.

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