• Reported Deed Restriction Violations

    The City of Houston’s Legal Department maintains a database of all potential deed restriction violations reported to the City of Houston. This dataset represents all violations that have been reported. The dataset itself does not contain a status indicator or outcome field, so users of the data should not assume records in this dataset are necessarily de juris violations of a deed restriction on the property.

    Each row in the dataset represents a reported violation. If a reported violation is found to be a real violation of the property’s deed restriction, a lawsuit can be filed by the City to enforce the deed restriction. Reported violations can be closed without a lawsuit if the reported violation is found to not actually be a deed restriction violation or if the owner comes into compliance without the need for a lawsuit.

    Citizens interested in learning more about the City’s Deed Restriction efforts can visit: http://www.houstontx.gov/legal/deed.html

    The online application can be searched at: http://cohweb.houstontx.gov/deedrest/search.aspx

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