• City of Houston Operating Funds Budget vs. Actuals

    This dataset presents the original budget (adopted budget), current budget, and actual activity (revenue or expenses) for the City of Houston for its tier 1 operating funds (i.e. funds contained in the City of Houston’s Annual Operating Budget). Data is presented at a granular level to allow individuals to slice and dice data at the fund, business area (department), cost center, and GL level. This dataset only includes operating budget fund activities and does not include budget vs. actuals information related to grants, agency, or capital/debt funds.

    Meta data is available for column definitions and explanations.

    See also: City of Houston Fiscal Year Adopted Operating Budgets

    Future plans:

    • Future releases will include periodicity to allow analysis by the fiscal period/month.

    Disclosure: Data presented here is solely for information purposes and shall not be considered accurate, factual, or complete. The official Adopted Operating Budget should be consulted for accurate information regarding adopted budget figures. Individuals seeking audited and complete financials should consult the City’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). Data contained herein may not match to the adopted budget, CAFR, or the City’s Monthly Financial Reports (MFR) for numerous reasons, including:

    • The CAFR includes additional funds beyond tier 1 operating funds;
    • Certain funds are grouped in the MFR for financial reporting purposes;
    • Budget vs. Actuals includes only general ledger accounts that are regularly budgeted for. Additional items like depreciation and various fixed asset valuations that are traditionally included on an income statement and balance sheet are not included in budget vs. actuals;
    • Data related to Budget vs. Actuals is pulled from an analytical reporting environment to provide for historical trend analysis. This environment allows for a certain margin of error (usually less than 1%) for historical data – this particularly occurs around the naming of cost centers; and,
    • For older fiscal years (particularly FY10 and FY11), certain funds (like Fund 9002) were segregated in a fashion that allowed for a portion of the fund to be included in the annual operating budget and a separate portion of the fund to be non-operating. This practice has since been discontinued.

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