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    Tags 2010 Census, Super Neighborhood, Race, Ethnicity, Population

    Summary Super Neighborhood level housing, race and ethnicity data from the 2010 release of the PL94-171 redistricting data

    Description This file contains the initial 2010 census population and housing data at the Super Neighborhood level . The population and housing totals in this file represent summarizations of the 288 data items in the original census files. Specifically, populations are aggregated for Hispanic ethnicity and Non-Hispanic populations by 7 racial categories. These same aggregations are available for voting age populations (18 years and over). Housing data is limited to total, vacant and occupied units. Because Super Neighborhood boundaries do not encompass the entire City of Houston, the sum of all Super Neighborhood populations will not correspond with the City of Houston total population. Most of the difference lies in the special purpose annexation areas which are not included in Super Neighborhoods. Other discrepancies may be due to the fact that in many instances census geography does not correspond to the boundaries of other feature classes maintained in COHGIS

    Use limitations Disclaimer: COHIGS data is prepared and made available for general reference purposes only and should not be used, or relied upon for specific applications, without independent verification. The City of Houston neither represents, nor warrants COHGIS data accuracy, or completeness, nor will the City of Houston accept liability of any kind in conjunction with its use.

    Extent West -95.776365 East -95.054067 North 30.126277 South 29.521141

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